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SonarQube, TeamCity and FxCop integration

As an update to my previous post, I would like to add a few important points re. using FxCop from within SonarQube. First, it is tricky to get up and running. I ran into all the difficulties described here. In short, to

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SonarQube, TeamCity and SQL Server

Today, I was at a nice meeting with fellow IT architects in Aarhus. At the meetup, Jesper Færgemann gave a nice presentation on static and dynamic code analysis, and I got inspired. So, in the train on my way back home, I decided to

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How to set default value for a datetime column in SQL Server to a constant

I had the need today, to set the default value for a datatime column in SQL Server to something else than GETDATE(). In my case, I wanted a default value of 2014/01/01. I could not easily find info on what


10 years ago, Martin Fowler wrote an article titled “StranglerApplication”. In short, a StranglerApplication is a deliberate fade-out of an existing system by gradually letting a new version of the system take over. The article also links to another article

SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) error: Cannot open tabular model project

Today, I had the pleasure of getting an urgent request for a change to our existing SSAS tabular model. However, for some reason the following error appeared when I tried to open the project in VS2012: An error occurred while

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AutoMapper 3.0.0 issue: “Could not load file or assembly ‘AutoMapper.Net4′”

Today, I installed AutoMapper 3.0.0 (what a great tool, BTW). I ran into the following issue: My WPF (.NET 4.5) app has several separate projects, and I want to add AutoMapper (via Nuget) to a project that is not the startup

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Entity Framework 5 Code First and Table-Per-Hierarchy error 3032

Today, I struggled a bit with EF5 and getting a job-type inheritance hierarchy up and running. I’m using EF5, code first (with an existing DB reverse-engineered using the EF Power Tools, but this does not matter in this case). The

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